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The Sites Liberation import/export tool uses the Sites GData API to allow users to export an entire Google Site as static html pages to a directory on their hard drive. The html is embedded with meta-data based on the hAtom microformats specification, to allow the re-import of html back into Google Sites. Applications of the tool include backing up a Google Site, switching to or from a different service, and editing a Site offline.

Simple Execution

The tool has been packaged as an executable jar. If Java is installed, just double-click on it.

Advanced Execution

The tool is written in Java and the source code is currently hosted at code.google.com. Upon building the tool, there are three main classes. The class com.google.sites.liberation.export.Main allows the execution of a Sites export from the command line. The class com.google.sites.liberation.imprt.Main is the equivalent for a Sites import (note that the package name is "imprt," due to the Java keyword collision). The class com.google.sites.liberation.util.GuiMain provides a graphical user interface for launching both imports and exports. In all cases, the import/export takes the following arguments:

Host-hIf not sites.google.com, specifies the Site's host (optional). Used for debugging.
Domian-dIf the site is a Google Apps site, specifies the domain, e.g. dataliberation.org (optional).
Webspace-wSpecifies the webspace of the Site, e.g. "dataliberation" for a site located at http://sites.google.com/a/domain/dataliberation
Username-uSpecifies the user name used to access the Site.
Password-pSpecifies the password used to access the Site.
Directory-fSpecifies the root directory to export to / import from.
Revisions-rIf this flag is included, then the revisions of all of the pages in the Site will be exported/imported as well as the current page (optional).




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2012年11月17日 清晨7:12